The new hourglass Ambient illumination Powders Light the method to a perfect Face, Casting Their Spell on skin tones This spring

using the new hourglass Ambient illumination Powder in dim Light ($45)
I tell El Hub all the time that if we ever win the lottery, I’m hiring Heidi Klum’s job runway illumination team to comply with me around anywhere I go (ever notice exactly how they light her compared to exactly how they light the other judges as well as contestants?).

He believes I’m kidding, however I’m totally SERIOUS.


I don’t know, though. perhaps it doesn’t matter anymore, now that I’ve discovered these hourglass Ambient illumination Powders.

You understand exactly how skin looks so warm as well as buttery as well as lovely at sunset? Or the method it looks by candlelight? You’re having dinner at a good restaurant, they’ve got the lights turned down low, as well as you reach into your handbag for your compact, inspect your gloss as well as think, “Wow! Where did my smile lines go?”

The best illumination makes a huge difference. This, hourglass knows, which is why they developed their six $45 Ambient illumination Powders to make skin appear as if it’s bathed in lovely light.


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No requirement for a film team or an costly studio setup. just pick your powder by its illuminating impact — Diffused Light, Ethereal Light, Radiant Light, mood Light, dim Light or luminous Light.

The secret, hourglass says, isn’t lumens or wattage. It’s the transparent, color-correcting bits in the powders that filter as well as manipulate light.

Never mind that I’m believing that exact same response would most likely likewise apply to other products from other brands. I’m much more concerned about one thing: exactly how well does it work?

Here in my own bit picture studio, likewise understood as the hallway outside of my office, I’ve been testing three of the six — dim Light, luminous Light as well as Radiant Light — I have to say, I’m impressed. What hourglass does by diverse the finishes, shimmer, sheen as well as pigment does seem to emulate different type of light.

No, I question Heidi Klum is going to provide up her zillion-dollar studio configuration for one or two of these, however still — quite neat!

I like all three. Both for their elegant finishes, as well as for the method the practically imperceptible grains of powder vanish on my skin.

Schwachem Licht

I’d promise that dim Light, hands down my preferred of the three, takes 10 years off my face. A neutral, peachy beige, it has a soft sheen as well as a beautiful satin finish. With it on, I feel like my pores as well as fine lines look a bit less obvious, as well as my skin has this specific peaceful gleam to it that I keep in mind being there when I was in my 20s as well as teens (lately, not so much, LOL!). “Siri, remind me to stock this before the zombie apocalypse.”

Luminous Light

With luminous Light, the champagne pearl, hourglass turned up the shimmer to re-create a soft, candlelit glow. believe angel halos…or a MAC shell Pearl charm Powder with a softer, finer pearl sheen. This is the one I’d wear when I want to draw interest to my skin. I’d apply it just over the center of my deal with to highlight as well as lift my look.

Radiant Light

Radiant Light, a very sheer, semi-matte golden beige/bronze with flecks of golden glitter, is most likely the flashiest of these three. Where this lives, it’s always summertime in Las Vegas. photo the desert sun falling on the faces of Las vegas women who Lunch.

The new hourglass Ambient Powders ($45 each) as well as Ambient Powder clean ($35)
Dim Light, a neutral peach beige ($45)
Radiant Light, a golden beige ($45)

Luminous Light, a champagne pearl ($45)
Swatches from the left: dim Light, luminous Light as well as Radiant Light (I developed them as much as show the color; when they apply, then melt best into the skin as well as look invisible)
Wearing dim Light around my face

I likewise like exactly how well these powders manage oil, which implies less regular touchups, as well as — HALLELUJAH! — so far, no breakouts.


Oh, yeah… I am digging these. The $45 price, not so much, however I’m loving the high quality here.

PRICE: $45
AVAILABILITY: offered now inside Barneys new York stores, Bergdorf Goodman, area NK, Sephora stores, as well as on the internet at
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