Saturday Surfing, June 16th, 2018

If all my food appeared like this! ?
If every meal was a work of art garnished with edible flowers, I strongly believe that road rage would end as we understand it, as well as every Web comment on every news website in the world would be exceptionally civil as well as polite from now on.

I mean…LOOK AT THAT TOAST. It’s like fine art. exactly how can you not revel in its beauty? just looking at it makes me happier…


That’s ricotta cheese, as well as those are strawberries, pistachios, honey, as well as what Creekside Bakery in Novato (which is where I got it the other day) phone calls “edible flora.”

I’m not sure what type of flowers these are… If you know, don’t be shy. Hook a wanna-be horticulturalist up!

I’m gonna make this for breakfast as soon as I discover some tasty edible ? flowers… Not today, though. This morning I’m getting down with Eggo waffles with peanut butter as well as raisins on top (breakfast of champions).


Cats & Makeup Sweatshirt?

$ 42.

Jetzt einkaufen

Whatcha having for breakfast this morning? Please understand that I won’t judge you if you inhale your food while reading this week’s Saturday Surfing stories. I get up a ravenous beast ? every morning, as well as the beast proceeds to rampage with my life up until it gets some food in its tummy.

Did you understand that these remove lipstick caps were a thing? I didn’t, however I assumption you can buy them to replace your opaque standard-issue opaque caps, as well as they are available in different sizes to in shape different brands.

Yes, there’s a MAC one. ? VERBLÜFFT!!

Wishing I’d believed of this, since I’ve most likely spent three years over the program of my life opening as well as closing lipstick caps to discover the right color if I add up all the time I’ve spent.

Like, it’s a mascara wand. exactly how high tech can it be…? Well, apparently, Chanel’s latest wand for the new volume Révolution de Chanel Mascara seems quite fancy.

First of all, it’s the very first mascara wand made by a 3D printer. To prevent clumping, the clean has a honeycomb structure designed to slowly siphon out the mascara, so it doesn’t all rush out at once.

If you’re looking for a task in the indie beauty biz, here’s a story about exactly how beauty entrepreneurs hire people for their companies.

Even though the number of women running for U.S. home seats as well as specify governorships in the upcoming 2018 midterm elections has surpassed previous years, the media still insists on critiquing what they’re wearing…

“In politics, it’s still true that unless men’s attire are out of the normal — wrinkled, stained, or downright unusual — their clothing isn’t generally subject to critique. Chintan Desai, who is running for Congress in Arkansas, summed it up well when he composed to me: ‘I have never, not once, been asked about or had my wardrobe commented on while on the campaign trail.’

“The catch for women is that even when they do show up dressed professionally, they’re still privy to scrutiny. Oscar de la Renta famously criticized Michelle Obama’s cardigan when she satisfied with Queen Elizabeth II, in spite of the truth that her attire was completely ‘in code.’”


YO. ever since I moved my feet into the Land of practical flat mom Shoes, my footwear options haven’t been terribly interesting, however day-um, these summertime sandals with the toes painted on them are as well hideous, even for me.

I’m truly like Carisa Janes, the CEO of hourglass Cosmetics. I interviewed her once, as well as she was extremely cool.
Here’s exactly how she quadrupled sales by spinning a $1 million packaging stop working into a huge success.

Don’t stomp your bit last season Prada shoes at me, honey, as well as dust off ye olde bend as well as snap, since Reese Witherspoon is coming back for lawfully Blonde 3.


Wahrheit? I’m ambivalent about lawfully Blonde 2, however I’ve watched the very first one more times than I can count. I luuuuuurves it.

And whilst we’re lawfully Blonde-ing, this story exposes eight behind-the-scenes tricks from the movie. Like, did you understand that it was supposed to be set at Stanford in Palo Alto, as well as that the final graduation scene (which was filmed in England since Reese was filming something else there at the time) was a last-minute change, so it wasn’t the original ending?

So many fun facts!


A look at beauty behind prison bars

When a household muumuu comes full circle…

Oh, as well as if you occur to have any type of other innovative toast topping suggestions, please let me know, since I cannot eat one more piece of avocado toast. I just CAN’T DO IT.


(Well…yes I can, however you understand what I mean.)

Ihre freundliche Gemeinschaft-Schönheits-Süchtiger,


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